LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contractual agreements and commercial leases for a wide range of professionals, businesses, and individuals. We also represent clients in matters over agreement disputes through commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Our attorneys have years of experience handling contract matters for individuals and businesses throughout Louisiana. We handle construction contracts, business-to-business contracts, employment contracts, real estate contracts and others.

Contract Drafting

The contract is among the first and most critical steps at the outset of any business relationship. A well-drafted contract will protect the interests of both parties and help prevent future disputes. When drafting a contract, we value input from both parties while also striving to write a contract that best meets the needs of our client.

Contract Review

In the case that a contract has already been drafted, it is important to first have it reviewed by experienced contract attorneys before accepting. Without the benefit of legal counsel, a party may find themselves locked into a contract that contains confusing inconsistencies, unacceptable and harmful clauses, or other issues which can become problematic down the line.

Contract Negotiation

A good contract does not favor a single party. Both should be well represented and equally protected from negative outcomes. In order to reach such an agreement, negotiations must often take place. To ensure that your own needs are met and interests protected, our team of skilled attorneys will thoroughly review your contract with a keen legal eye and negotiate favorable terms on your behalf.

Contract Litigation

Even the most thorough contracts cannot always eliminate disputes. Breaches of contract terms and other problems may still occur, and when they do, litigation may be necessary. Just as protecting yourself with a solid contractual agreement is important, so too is the ability to successfully litigate disputes should they arise. At LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC, our attorneys are adept at each step of contract law, from negotiation to litigation.

Lease Drafting and Transactions

A properly drafted lease will protect lessor, lessee, and the property and assets involved. Our attorneys are familiar with the intricacies of effectively negotiating, drafting and reviewing these important documents on behalf of small businesses, major corporations, industrial properties and more.

In addition to the actual commercial lease, we also assist clients with negotiating and structuring ancillary business law documents and commercial contracts such as property management agreements and insurance coverage policies.

Lease Dispute Litigation

LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC is adept at resolving lease disputes at trial or through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration. Such disputes can range from disagreements over common area maintenance (CAM) charges and co-tenancy clause violations to conflicts over rent adjustments and the interpretation of lease terms.

Contract and Lease Attorneys in Louisiana

Our law firm provides gold standard legal counsel and representation to commercial clients in need of contracts, as well as lessors and lessees, throughout Louisiana, yet at a far more cost-sensitive rate than many other firms charge. We handle both transactional matters and litigation for clients in the commercial construction arena, as well as in other industries and sectors.