Many people are under the impression that having a will or the need for other estate planning is only for the elderly or for wealthy individuals. However, making important decisions for the future is not something that should be put off until later. Doing so could lead to confusion and frustration among one’s heirs or legatees down the road.

Having an appropriate estate plan in advance can give a sense of confidence that one’s assets will be distributed according to his or her wishes, as well as the peace of mind that financial and medical issues will be handled according to his or her desires. It also reduces the burden of legal conflicts or decision-making for family members who are already grieving.

Drafting of Wills

Thinking of what happens after death is not a topic anyone likes to dwell on. Perhaps that is why so many delay the drafting of a will or at the very least, avoid spending much time on the project. However, in order to properly care for your belongings and loved ones, a thorough will drafted by an experienced attorney is a necessity. Having a professionally prepared will allows you to ensure that your instructions are clear and legally valid in your state, eliminating confusion, frustration, and discord among already grieving family members.

Establishing Trusts

A separate tool for estate planning, some individuals may find it useful to establish a trust in addition to drafting a will. Whereas a will is only actionable upon a person’s death, trusts can begin immediately and allow the transfer of certain assets. Additionally, trusts have the added benefit of allowing beneficiaries to avoid probate court upon the grantor’s death. LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC can help you better understand the types of trusts available, if they may be a wise option for you, and guide you through the establishment process.

Creating Living Wills

A living will may also be referred to as an “advance directive.” This document is used as a directive to healthcare professionals and provides instruction for end-of-life care. It is a useful tool to address a sensitive situation and help remove the burden from the shoulders of loved ones who are often left in the position of guessing what the patient would have wanted. The attorneys of LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC take a compassionate and professional approach to helping you create a living will that will address all of your concerns clearly.

Opening and Administrating Successions, Including Guardianship

Unfortunately, when a person passes away, there are often issues which hinder the settlement and distribution of assets. The validity of a will may be in question, heirs may need to be determined, debts may first need to be repaid before distribution of assets can begin, or there may simply be disputes regarding the will. In these instances, an estate will need to go through the process of succession, or probate, and a knowledgeable attorney is necessary to ensure the process is conducted both fairly and smoothly.

Assisting with Powers of Attorney

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, a person is unable to make decisions or perform certain duties on their own. In such cases, a power of attorney may need to be granted to a close and trusted individual. These powers can extend long-term and encompass everything from making medical decisions to opening and operating financial accounts, or they can be short-term and grant a specific power such as the sale of real estate. Just as the individual granted power of attorney should be exceptionally reliable and trustworthy, so too should the attorney drafting this important document. The attorneys at LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC are knowledgeable, compassionate, and ready to help.