In today’s commercial environment, disputes between businesses can sometimes seem inevitable.  At LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC, we aim to assist our clients on the front end of their business relationships by effectively negotiating and drafting commercial agreements to avoid costly disputes down the road, or to at least be in the best position should such a dispute arise.

Most businesses naturally seek to avoid litigation, but the failure to adequately protect legal interests can be devastating to a company. The right legal representation is an investment, not merely an expense; even so, businesses must navigate the tension between securing the most effective advocacy possible and managing litigation costs.

We believe that when our clients are armed with the right information, our attorneys are better able to advocate effectively for the outcomes clients need.

Commercial Agreements

For any business project to be successful, a mutual agreement regarding the terms of the endeavor must be reached to the satisfaction of all involved parties. Without such an agreement, disputes are almost certain to arise, and when they do, resolution can become a lengthy, expensive, and contentious process. The attorneys of LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC have extensive experience in commercial law and can help you avoid such complications through preparation, negotiation, review and implementation of a thorough and well-drafted legal agreement.

Among our many services in this sector are:

  • Construction and real estate agreements
  • Purchase agreement drafting and negotiations
  • Buy/sell agreements and asset purchase agreements
  • Loan agreements and promissory notes
  • Shipping and transportation agreements
  • General commercial agreements, warranties, and escrow agreements

Commercial Disputes

Many business and commercial disputes are fueled by not knowing the terms of a contract or agreement. The earlier you work with your attorney to create enforceable agreements, the less likely it is that an issue will arise later. However, in the event that disputes do arise, it’s important to have a knowledgeable team on your side. At LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC, our attorneys are experts in the handling of disputes related to commercial transactions, contracts, and consumers. Together, we can help you reach a favorable resolution while also providing you with the services necessary to move your business forward smoothly and avoid future disputes.

Commercial Law Arbitrations

During this private, formal process, both sides submit evidence in support of their case which will be analyzed by a qualified, agreed upon third party. Once a decision has been reached by the arbitrator, it is binding and enforceable by the law. LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC frequently represents commercial clients in arbitration proceedings.

Commercial Asset Seizures and Foreclosures

A business owner should never take a threat of asset seizure or foreclosure lightly. Assets seized or foreclosed by creditors can include real estate, bank accounts, machinery, inventory and more. These events can lead to huge financial losses for those who are unprepared. If you find yourself facing such events, you need an experienced lawyer on your side who understands the law surrounding these matters and who can help you protect your business and interests. Our commercial litigation attorneys can provide you with the support, protection, and representation that you need to navigate this difficult time.

Claims for Fraud and Damages Under the Louisiana Unfair Trade Practices Act

When conducting business, one always hopes that they can rely on the other party to operate in a manner that is fair, honest, and trustworthy. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Deceptive and fraudulent business practices can lead to significant monetary or property losses for others. The Louisiana Unfair Trade Practices Act (LUTPA) seeks to protect consumers, businesses, and individuals who find themselves in these unfortunate situations. As a team of Louisiana attorneys specializing in all manner of commercial litigation, LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC is extensively experienced in bringing and proving claims under LUTPA.

Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Louisiana

LAPEROUSE PATIN, LLC offers commercial clients the best of both worlds, featuring attorneys with a wealth of commercial transaction and litigation experience that includes years of practice in large law firms. We aim to cost-effectively assist our clients in the resolution of major disputes between businesses, including breach of contract; unfair and deceptive trade practices; non-competition and non-disclosure agreements; fraudulent misrepresentation, infringement of copyright and trademark; defamation; and more.